Water quality testing

ESR’s water testing services can detect and identify a range of waterborne pathogens as well as identify their source and contaminant pathways. ESR can also undertake general analysis of the quality of drinking water, groundwater and wastewater.

Water samplingOur scientists can identify a range of waterborne pathogens within a water sample and can link the bacteria to those found in another source such as cattle, sheep or poultry. Using sequencing facilities on-site they can determine the complete picture of microbes present in a water sample and the impact of activities, such as discharges, on the health of the microbial community present.

ESR’s groundwater research team is recognised as being at the forefront of its field, both internationally and nationally. Our team addresses issues associated with land-use intensification and its effects on groundwater quality.

Our water quality testing services include: 

  • analysing the health status of drinking-water supplies
  • water evaluation and testing
  • identification of waterborne pathogens, including during waterborne outbreak investigations
  • regional and national assessments of groundwater quality
  • groundwater tracer studies to trace contaminant pathways
  • identifying the effects of land use on groundwater quality
  • identify source of faecal contamination of water
  • detection and identification of enteric viruses in environmental water, sewage and biosolids

Our expert knowledge, research and laboratory services can help you ensure that people can trust the supply and quality of the water they drink, play in and use.

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