Collecting and Sending cultivars


 Please address all samples to:

AXiS Team


Mount Albert Science Centre

120 Mount Albert Road

Mount Albert


Sampling Cultivars


Samples required for analysis

A representative sample of plants is required from each cultivar that is to be analysed. Samples are required from a minimum of five plants from each cultivar, exposed to different environmental conditions, e.g. edges of plot, centre of plot.

For example, if two cultivars are to be analysed, then submit representative samples from five plants of Cultivar A and representative samples from five plants of Cultivar B.

If a single cultivar has been grown from more than one seed stock, a representative sample must include plants grown from each seed stock.

ESR will combine the samples within each cultivar, for one analysis per cultivar.

Please ensure that this sampling procedure is followed to ensure that there is no delay in testing.


Plant material sampling

The whole plant is not required for testing.

Collect all of the seed head (if present) and the growing top 10 to 15 centimetres of the plant (include all leaf, seed head and stalk) - from a minimum of five plants for each cultivar.

If ESR considers any samples inadequate for satisfactory testing, the laboratory may request the licence holder to provide additional samples for analysis.


Drying and packaging of samples

Samples should be air dried for at least one day, preferably two, prior to sending to ESR. Packaging of fresh plant material can quickly degrade if not dried appropriately beforehand.

Each sample must be stored in a separate paper package e.g. paper envelope, and labelled with:

  1. Name of cultivar
  2. Reference of sample to sampling location, e.g. “A”, “B”, “C” and so on

Please do not package in plastic.

Send the packaged plant material to ESR with documentation as described above.

Samples should be delivered to ESR, either personally, or by overnight courier. 

Please do not send samples on a Friday, as degradation of the plant material can occur if samples are left over the weekend in a courier/storage facility.

In order to process these samples efficiently please include a copy of your Receipt Number.

Further information is available.

Contact: 09 815 3954 -