ESR SmartSite

3D data visualisation and data analysis.

New Zealand is a world-leader in capturing 3D full colour, photo realistic and dimensionally accurate record of any environment whether it be a food plant, a factory, building infrastructure or even a crime scene. 


Once captured the data can be used to produce virtual environments that can be explored, measured and analysed. Information can be embedded into the 3D visualisations to allow data and results to be presented in context.

ESR SmartSite service uses laser scanning to capture indoor and outdoor environments. As one of  New Zealand’s pre-eminent stewards of nationally important data, we have the experience to embed your data into your environment, whether it is the health and safety of your plant, environmental monitoring for areas of contamination or the presenting results of a crime scene to meet the requirements of a the NZ court system. 

ESR Smartsite experts make your data come alive so that you can make better decisions for your business.  You can walk through your virtual environment and instantly access the data that is meaningful to that environment.  This makes the data easily accessible and relevant.   

ESR Expertise

ESR has extensive experience in the use of laser scanning to capture indoor and outdoor environments, the management of the 3D data, the delivery of a range of visual outputs, and the presentation of results that meet the requirements of the NZ court system.  ESR’s scene capture experts and laboratory processes are accredited under ISO 17025, and our data management protocols are compliant with internationally accepted electronic evidence guidelines. 

Scanner Technology

ESR utilises Faro Focus 3D laser scanners.  The scanner generates a record of an environment by projecting a laser out into space.  The laser is reflected from any surfaces with each reflected point generating an XYZ coordinate representing its point in space.  Approximately 1 million points are generated each second, with a typical scan taking 2-5 minutes.  A full spherical digital image is also captured from each scan location.  Each environment is recorded through multiple scans to ensure a complete record is captured.

Faro Focus 3D Laser Scanner.  The laser beam is distributed through the scene by a rotating mirror.

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The resulting data set consist of millions or billions of data points representing the surfaces and objects within the environment. Each point contains an XYZ coordinate and an RGB value, providing an accurate and full colour record.  When combined together the points are referred to collectively as a point cloud, and provide a photorealistic visualisation of the environment.

Data Capture

Each location that 3D data is captured from generates a full spherical record of the surfaces visible from that location.  The scanner has an operating range from 1 – 120 metres. Each scan typically takes 5 minutes, with a few minutes setup time required between each scan.  Multiple scans are undertaken to ensure all relevant surfaces and/or rooms within the environment are recorded.  When capturing a house, for example, it would be typical to record 20 or 30 scans over the period of 2 to 4 hours.  We also have experience of capturing building sites and large scale industrial facilities where more than 100 scans were required to be captured and processed.


The 3D data can be provided in a range of formats.  Still images can be provided to display an area of interest from any angle.  Section of the data can be hidden to enable views to be taken through ceilings or walls for example.  The data can be converted into architectural / structural style plans. Video files can be generated that show a virtual walk-through or fly-through of an environment.  Interactive 3D outputs can also be produced that allow the user to virtually walk through an environment and select and view information imbedded within the scene.  These interactive outputs can be prepared for use on a PC with keyboard and mouse navigation, or packaged for use with VR headsets if an immersive experience is required. 

 Plan view generated from laser data captured from a house.  The green and red lines illustrate the result of a firearm analysis.

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