SHIVERS-III & IV (WellKiwis Infant & Household) study

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WellKiwis Infant & Household (SHIVERS-III & IV) study

The WellKiwis Influenza study will help us better understand the flu, develop better vaccines, improve respiratory health and prevent future pandemics. 

The WellKiwis studies:

  • The Infant study is about influenza (flu) immunity in children. It will look at how a child's first exposure to the flu virus - or flu vaccine - influences their ongoing immune responses to subsequent exposures over time. The purpose of the WellKiwis study is to provide information to make more effective and longer-lasting flu vaccines for our populations in the future. 
  • The WellKiwis Household study will follow families for up to seven years. The aim is to see how a person's prior exposure to the flu virus (or vaccine) influences their on-going immune responses to exposures to the flu over time. It will also help us to understand how the flu virus spreads from an infected person to others in a household setting. We hope our findings will lead to more effective and longer lasting flu vaccines for everyone, prevent future pandemics and save lives. 

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WellKiwis Reports

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