SHIVERS-II (WellKiwis Adult) study

About the SHIVERS-II study.

The purpose of the new SHIVERS-II (WellKiwis Adult) study is to better understand influenza immunity in Wellington adults. Findings of SHIVERS-II will help the New Zealand government make choices about what and when it is best to recommend for people to get their current flu vaccinations (shots). It will also help the government make decisions on how to reduce the impact of the spread of flu in the community. The study will also provide information that can be used to make better flu vaccines in the future.

The New Zealand Health & Disability Ethics Committee has approved SHIVERS-II (NTX11.11.102.AM36 & AM36 & AM49 & AM51). SHIVERS-II is funded by the United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (Contract #HHSN272201400006C).

The SHIVERS-II study is now part of the WellKiwis study. Please visit link) for more information.