Jo Bright

Jo Bright joined ESR in 1999 and is a senior science leader within the Forensic Business Group at the Mt Albert Science Centre.

Jo earned her BSc in Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology at Victoria University of Wellington and MSc and PhD degrees in Forensic Science from the University of Auckland.



  • Research

    Jo is a forensic biologist who works within the STRmix team, winners of the 2018 Prime Minister’s Science Prize. STRmix is software used for the interpretation of forensic DNA profiles and is in use by over 100 laboratories internationally. Jo is one of the three original developers of the software. Her current responsibilities include functionality development and testing of STRmix and other related software, training, research and development.  

  • Publications

    Jo has over 100 peer-reviewed papers relating to forensic DNA analysis and interpretation. She is the co-author of two books (Forensic DNA Evidence Interpretation and Forensic DNA Profiling: A Practical Guide to Assigning Likelihood Ratios).

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