Chrissy Black

Chrissy Black is Senior Technician in the Forensic Business (Forensic Drug Chemistry Group).

Chrissy earned her BSc from Griffith University in Brisbane.   



  • Research

    Instead of continuing to postgraduate study Chrissy took up a role as an analytical chemist before relocating from Brisbane to join the Drug Chemistry team at ESR in 2018. 

    DNA sampling, processing of exhibits, maintaining and operating a variety of analytical instruments and carrying out quality checks are key parts of the current role, but opportunities extend way beyond that with the opportunity to be involved in research projects, assessing new instrumentation and presenting research in scientific publications and at international conferences. 

    “I love the diversity that comes with my role - no two days are the same”, says Chrissy. “I have had a lot of opportunities to partake in research projects which have led to journal articles being published. 

    “There is a great support network of people for training and to act as mentors that can help grow your career as well as opportunities to work with a wide range of people from different teams within ESR. Most of all, I enjoy that everyday provides a new challenge, whether that be with having to problem solve issues with instrumentation or developing a new analysis technique. Each day is different and you definitely do not get bored!”