Angela Cornelius

Angela Cornelius joined ESR in 1994 and is now a Senior Scientist in the Food, Water and Biowaste group.

Angela earned her BSc in Microbiology at the University of Otago, MSc (Food Science) at the University of Auckland and is working on a PhD from Massey University.



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    With a solid background in public health microbiology her research interests relate to the molecular detection and characterisation of foodborne pathogenic bacteria. Angela has developed a rapid, cost-effective method(external link) for the typing of Campylobacter jejuni and C. coli which collectively are the most commonly reported cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in the world and account for over a third of notified cases of gastroenteritis in New Zealand.

    As part of her doctoral project, Angela has developed a molecular(external link) assay for the detection of over 20 species from Epsilonproteobacteria, a bacterial class containing 17 genera including Campylobacter.(external link) In addition, Angela also has expertise in the molecular detection and/or typing of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli,Yersinia entercolitica and the toxin genes associated with Clostridium botulinum. Current activities include the utilisation of next generation sequencing, and related technologies, to characterise microbial communities.

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