Groundwater research bid

To safeguard the health of freshwater ecosystems and sustain safe, clean drinking water, research is urgently needed that assesses the current state of groundwater, how groundwater will respond to stressors, and how freshwater resources can be maintained for future generations.

Despite advances in understanding and safeguarding of Aotearoa New Zealand’s freshwater systems, major uncertainties remain about how groundwater affects the freshwater system.

Building on previous knowledge and research, ESR and its partners have developed a new research programme for submission to the 2023 Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Endeavour Fund. ESR intends to co-lead this research with Māori partners and researchers, and include key stakeholders from other organisations, to ensure equitable access to water resources and to sustain the standard of our groundwater ecosystems.

Keeping groundwater front of mind

Our team members are working hard on many projects addressing the health, safety and sustainability of groundwater, as well as developing new and existing partnerships with other organisations. For submission, we require public backing in the form of letters of support from our partners. We are also taking the opportunity to communicate to the public about groundwater, and how our team at ESR is working to understand and protect freshwater in Aotearoa New Zealand.