ESR specialises in investigating water quality, identifying contamination sources, and developing resources for our clients to better manage waterways and the surrounding environment, and address possible risks to public health.


Water and environment services
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About ESR's water & environment services

ESR specialises in investigating water quality, identifying contamination sources, and develop resources for our clients to better manage waterways and address possible risks to public health. Our community engagement approach ensures the solutions are culturally appropriate, have enduring community support and a sound scientific base.  

ESR also works with other organisations on the sustainable management of biowaste. We have expertise in treatment options for wastewater, effluent, greywater, biosolids and sewage sludge with a focus on land application and re-use.

We are a key player in the Pacific Islands, supporting local communities and government with water quality, sanitation and hygiene advice to improve water standards in this region.

Find out more about all ESR's water-related science and research in our Clean Water brochure [PDF, 2.9 MB], through the links below, our water research case studies, or by contacting us via:

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Water quality testing

ESR’s water testing services can detect and identify a range of waterborne pathogens as well as identify their source and contaminant pathways. ESR can also undertake general analysis of the quality of drinking water, groundwater and wastewater.

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Pacific consultancy

ESR empowers the Pacific region with scientific expertise, information and tools to strengthen policy, programmes and practice to support healthy, safe and resilient communities.

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Water quality and sanitation

ESR provides health authorities, local and central government, industry and communities with scientific advice and expertise on the management of drinking water, groundwater, recreational water and wastewater.

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Climate change, sustainability and environmental health

The effects of climate change are wide ranging with major effects on our health, wellbeing and environment. Scientists, industry and communities must work together if we are to adapt to the changing climate.

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Groundwater science

Access to safe water is a fundamental human right that Aotearoa New Zealand is committed to protecting, with the science and innovation system playing a key role in helping ensure water sources are safe and resilient.

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Biowaste science

Our scientists work to find innovative, sustainable solutions for the minimisation, conversion, and re-use of biowaste.



ESR scientists are investigating the impact of microplastics and the threat to our ecosystems, animals and people.