COVID-19 insights

ESR provides world-class national and international health intelligence to the Ministry of Health and wider health sector about COVID-19. The more we know about COVID-19, the better equipped we are to respond to the ever-changing pandemic ‘playing field’, so we have and collaborate with a broad range of experts from scientists to researchers, virologists to data analysts working, to provide leading-edge trends and insights. Good data and science expertise underpin good decision making – ESR proudly supports Aotearoa New Zealand in this capacity, including through genomic and wastewater surveillance reporting located on this webpage.


Wastewater Surveillance Dashboard

This dashboard is designed to share ESR’s wastewater science, and help the public track potential COVID-19 risks in their local areas with easy-to-digest data visualisation. It is optimised for both desktop and mobile use.

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Wastewater Surveillance Report

Download COVID-19 Wastewater Monthly Surveillance Reports, including SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in individual catchments.

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Genomics Insights Dashboard

The COVID-19 Genomics Insights Dashboard provides an overview of viral genomic surveillance across Aotearoa New Zealand. It reports trends and insights gained by whole genome sequencing, complementing other epidemiological data to support public health decision making.

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